Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Addison

WOW my baby is 3 yrs old!!!
How time flys! Addie sure does give me a run for my money! Shes always on the go, if shes not dressing up like a princess shes either fighting her older sister or eating! Her true love in life is Damian Mcginty from Celtic thunder! She is in love with this group and knows most of their songs. She will sing and dance with all the songs and copy exactly what Damian does on all of them.

10 things about Addison!

1. She has the cutest smile! and for the most part is happy all the time.
2. She has the best manners for a 3 yr old. She always says please and thank you
3. I love how you ask her to do something and she will respond with "in a minute".. I think she gets that from me!
4. I love how she calls Don "Donald" not Don not Dad, but just Donald
5. She gives the best hugs at bedtime.
6. Her hair! when its done its soo cute but when its not done it looks like a turkey butt in the back.
7. The fact that she loves her sister, she maynot show it all the time but when Kenzie is hurt Addison is the first to come over and comfort her.
8. She loves peanut butter, if she could have a peanut butter toast for every meal I think she would.
9. Shes so tiny for her age she is still in size 24 months for pants but a size 2t for shirts. Makes buying clothes a real challenge cause shes not a baby anymore but that is all that I can find that fits her.
10. Shes my baby girl and I love her so much!

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Crystal HW said...

What a precious girl! Happy Birthday!